I am dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free translation process. Review details on processes, timelines, and answers to frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the translation need to be certified or notarized?

To make sure the translation meets the requirements for the organization or authority it’s being submitted to, please specify whether or not it will need to be certified or notarized. Immigration documents, academic credentials, and business or legal paperwork may have certain requirements which need to be requested.

Certified translations are different from notarized translations. Notary publics do not check the quality of the translation and only verify the identity and authenticity of the translator’s signature. 

Note: Some government entities that usually ask for notarized translations may accept certified translations bearing the ATA-certified translator seal without notarization.

How do I get my source files to you?

Easy-to-read scans, editable files, and audiovisual recordings can all be sent to me either by email, messengers, or cloud storage.  Hard copies or files can also be accepted upon request.

How will you send my translations back to me?

Translations will be returned by the same method as they are initially received. An editable file or a PDF will be given with signed certification if requested.  A hard copy can also be sent if specified at the time of the quote.

How do you ensure security in communications?

Data is handled with care via secure email and encrypted messengers. As an additional security measure, I use encrypted storage to save clients’ files. If you prefer your files were not saved, I can delete them from storage upon project completion.

How do you estimate the scope and time it will take to complete a translation?

Software extracts the text from your source files to obtain an accurate word count.  Certain documents, including hand-written ones, may require manual counting.  The industry standard for a single page of certified translation is 250 words or less.  Word count is quoted in 250-word increments and time is quoted in one-hour increments.

The deadlines may vary based on the specifics of the task, which we will discuss individually, along with considering my workload.

How much does a translation cost?

Prices are subject to the project’s requirements. A price quote and a turnaround time will be given as soon as source files or event schedules are received. 

Please note that translation notarization costs extra according to a notary public’s tariff list.

An assignment can be expedited upon request. A 50%-100% rush fee will be applied for a turnaround of 24-hours or less or for overtime work (including weekends, holidays, or off-hours).


Payment Policy

Payment should be made upfront before any work has begun.


Cancellation Policy  

Work is nonrefundable if canceled for any reason beyond the translator’s control.

How do I pay you?

Payments can be made via PayPal, Wise, or direct bank transfer. Invoicing is done using whatever method is preferable to you.

Direct Bank Transfer:

Recipient’s account details are available upon client request.


Please reach out to me by phone, email, or the contact form! I will respond within 24 hours and no email address will be published.

Schedule a meeting:

Reach out by phone:

New York: +1 (929) 235-1205

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