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Academic writing and business literature
From Russian to English

Svyatoslav Biryulin. People Management: How to manage people?
Available at Amazon and Google Books.

Academic writing and business literature
English to Russian

Robert B. Taylor. A Guide for Clinicians, Educators and Researchers, Third Edition

Art Exhibit Translation
From English to Russian and from Russian to English

A Collection of Interviews

Published Pieces

Messenger Marketing for Freelance Translators: How to Leverage it Effectively
By Dmitry Beschetny

An earlier version of this article appeared in October 2023 in the ATA Translation Company Division newsletter. I thank the TCD for permission to adapt and republish my article and encourage you to check out their very interesting newsletter.

In this article, I explore various techniques that translators, whether independent professionals or companies, can use to maximize the potential of mobile chat applications for marketing. By implementing these techniques, translators can establish meaningful connections with potential clients and successfully promote their translation business.

Dmitry Beschetny: Translation by Interpreters and Interpreting by Translators

In this blog post, first published by The Slavic Languages Division (SLD) of the American Translators Association in September 2021, I share my point of view on the disputed issue of whether translation and interpreting services can be rendered by the same language professional, more narrowly in the legal field.

Public Speaking

ATA Webinar: ‘Promoting Freelance Translators’ Services in Messengers: Techniques for Effective Use’
Presented By Dmitry Beschetny

On air: 23 January 2024

In this webinar, part of the ATA webinar series, I explore inbound and outbound strategies and practical techniques tailored for freelance translators to effectively use mobile messengers, ensuring that even our one-off clients of yesteryear keep thinking of the language services provider and prospects keep coming in. Designed for freelance translators who work in geographical locations without access to major marketing platforms and for those looking to augment their marketing efforts with messaging platforms to boost their translation business.

Work Sample

Business Agreement
From English into Russian


1. TERM: The Term (”Term”) of this Agreement
commences on the date first shown above and continues for a period of Twelve (12) months. The Parties agree to negotiate in good faith not later than one month before expiration of the initial Term to determine whether to renew the Term for a Six (6) additional month period. If extended, references herein to the “Term” shall mean the Term as extended.

2. SERVICES AND ENGAGEMENT: Representative shall provide Producer development, casting, preproduction and worldwide pre-sales guidance and strategy, and provide assistance in evaluating the best partners for the Film. Representative shall utilize its relationship with worldwide distributors, platforms, colleagues, producer/production companies, buyers, brands, investors’ network, marketing and PR contacts. Representative shall offer in-person, or phone, consultation meetings discussing any topic relating to the specific development, financing, production and/or distribution of the Film with the purpose of strategizing most cost effective and successful plan for the Film’s future distribution (the “Services”). It is important to note that Representative does not personally hold any interest in the Film’s Intellectual Property.


1.СРОК: Срок настоящего Соглашения (далее – «Срок») исчисляется начиная с первой указанной выше даты и длится в течение двенадцати (12) месяцев. Стороны соглашаются добросовестно провести переговоры не позднее, чем за месяц до истечения первоначального Срока для определения возможности продления Срока еще на шесть (6) месяцев. В случае продления, ссылки на «Срок» в настоящем документе означают продленный Срок.

2.УСЛУГИ И ИСПОЛЬЗОВАНИЕ ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНЫХ СВЯЗЕЙ: Представитель формирует стратегию развития Режиссера, организует кастинг, работу в предсъёмочный период и в период предварительных продаж по всему миру, а также оказывает помощь в отборе наилучших партнеров для Фильма. Представитель использует свои связи с мировыми кинопрокатчиками, владельцами сценических площадок, коллегами, производственными компаниями, покупателями, владельцами товарных знаков, инвесторами, а также профессионалами в сферах маркетинга и связей с общественностью. Представитель оказывает консультационные услуги лично или по телефону по любым вопросам, связанным с разработкой, финансированием, производством и/или прокатом Фильма с целью разработки наиболее экономически эффективного и успешного плана проката в будущем (далее – «Услуги»). Важно отметить, что Представитель не владеет какой-либо частью прав на интеллектуальную собственность создателей Фильма.

Featured In

Dmitry Beschetny: Featured in a Success Story within The Online Presence Roadmap

I was interviewed and featured by Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo for her book on marketing online for translators and interpreters. I shared the positive effect online marketing has had on my business. You can see a preview of my success story below and purchase the book. 


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